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The SafeNet USB eToken is a USB-based authentication device that offers secure and convenient two-factor authentication.It allows users to securely store & manage their passwords, eliminating the need to remember complex passwords for multiple accounts.

SafeNet USB eToken

The safest option for storing your digital identification is a SafeNet USB eToken. Your digital identity is protected from unauthorised access thanks to the strong authentication and password management features offered by this convenient USB device.
A USB-based authentication tool called the SafeNet USB eToken offers safe and practical two-factor authentication. By offering strong authentication, password management, and encryption capabilities, it is made to assist organisations in protecting their digital assets.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, or employing two different forms of identity before providing access to digital resources, is a feature of the SafeNet USB eToken. By adding an additional layer of security, you may make it more difficult for hackers to access your important data.

Password Management

Additionally, the SafeNet USB eToken has a password management feature that enables you to store all of your credentials in one location. As a result, managing your passwords is made simpler for you and you no longer need to remember several passwords.

Encryption Capabilities

Additionally, the SafeNet USB eToken has encryption capabilities, enabling you to protect your important data and render it unreadable to unauthorised users. This guarantees that your data will be kept secure even if your device is stolen.

Portable and Handy

The SafeNet USB eToken is a compact, transportable gadget that you may use. Because of this, you may use it wherever you are and have secure access to your digital resources.


Technical Specifications of SafeNet USB eToken

Physical Characteristics32mm x 12.4mm x 4.5mm
Cryptographic Capabilities2048-bit RSA keys, 256-bit AES
Memory Capacitymemory capacity of 32KB
InterfaceUSB 2.0 interface

Operating Temperature

range of -10°C to 55°C
CertificationsFIPS 140-2 Level 2, Common Criteria EAL 5+


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